Words are a funny thing, aren’t they? They have incredible power, both to build up and to tear down. Through the centuries, words are often one of the few things that endure as a society rises and falls, grows and changes.

I have always been fascinated by words. Great writers can take simple, ordinary words and string them together in a way that touches you, teaches you, mobilizes you.

I’m often intrigued, held fast by the words of others. The way they speak of love and life and faith in a way that paints a picture so vivid, you are drawn into it.

It has taken me time to discover my own words. To learn what it is that I want to say. For too long I tried to figure out what would be the smartest thing to say. The easiest. The most widely respected. It took me too long to realize that the only words I had to give were my own. That each of us is unique, and if we write the words in churn in our mind, that is truly the best thing we can right.

I hope that in reading my words, you find your own. That you see the unique thing that you have to say. That you find the courage to say it.

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