The Quiet Moments of Motherhood

Dishes in the quiet mornings before sweet-girl wakes.

Watching her little fingers explore the piano.

Reading board books and feeding homemade yogurt.

Dreaming of first birthday parties.

Prayers whispered over end-of-the-night bottles.

Playing in her highchair while I work – she’s happiest close to mama.

First thing good-morning-snuggles.

Praying for the fruits of the Spirit in my motherhood.

Her first word, dada, coming so perfectly on Father’s Day.

Bible verses whispered over and over in her ear.

Dipping toes in the lake for the first time.

Inflatable kiddie pool on the sundeck.

Quick batches of oatmeal for my hungry little grumpling.

Smiling “It’s ok baby, mama gets hangry too.”

Holding her little hands to thank Jesus for our food.

Filling her little cheeks with just as many kisses as they’ll hold.

Chasing her while she shrieks and crawls as fast as she can.

Her little legs bouncing up and down while she clings to the rail of the crib.

Her giggles and shrieks when I come in the nursery after a nap.

The look back over her shoulder, with that mischievous smirk.

The utter joy on her face when mama or daddy walk in the room.

Her curiosity about everything around her.

The way she will always choose a person over a toy. Always.

The way her little baby fingers will move to rest on mine.

Wide open mouth baby kisses.

Kissing the little fingers trying to steal mamas glasses.

Her laugh as she touches my hair and pulls loose my little wispies.

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