My name is Brittany Beacham. I grew up on the beautiful Canadian west coast and three years ago married my husband Kenny, a converted Ontario boy. Together we make our home in Abbotsford, BC – the place we chose for the family, the friends, the mountains, the ocean, and the close proximity to excellent international airports.

My life has taken me a lot of places over the years. From Buenos Aires to Bangkok to Lisbon to Jerusalem, I love to travel, see new places and be a part of what God is doing around the world.

I’ve always loved to write. As a child I wrote stories and songs, and as an adult that love hasn’t changed. I love words. I love piecing and patching them together, trying to find the combination that fits just so. I write about myself. I write about what I imagine. I write about what I see around me and what I’ve seen around the world.

So welcome here. Pretend we’re sitting in my living room. Make yourself up a cuppa – if it’s tea you are one of the best, and if it’s coffee I suppose I can forgive you. Throw on a record and settle in. Welcome here, I hope you enjoy yourself.

Happy reading,

– Brittany